Daily Graphic

12 September - 24 October 2018

Exhibition opening: 12 September 2018, 6pm

Venue: Jamestown Café

“Daily Graphic” is a celebration of photography in Ghana. It looks at how photography is being used and distributed today thanks to digital developments over recent years. 

In an age where visual content is on high demand, photographers as creators and storytellers are constantly being called to bring out stories, both personal and social, and expected to be creative, fun, and critical.

The exhibition is paying tribute to Ghana’s foremost state-owned newspaper, “The Daily Graphic”, which has recorded and shared history. Until recent times, the newspaper was the cheapest outlet for the distribution and reproduction of photographs.

As times are changing, this show looks at the role of the new age of photography distribution channels and how it placed responsibility on practicing photographers. “Daily Graphic” invites you to discover a broad range of stories through the lens of 13 Ghanaian and international photographers: Nana Kofi Acquah, Evans Ahorsu, George Alhassan, Ofoe Amegavie, Deryk Owusu Bempah, Emmanuel Bobbie, Natalija Gormalova, Chantal James, Ruth McDowall, Marcos Moreno, Nii Odzenma, Nyani Quarmyne, and Jesse Shipley.

To highlight but a few perspectives: Nana Kofi Acquah, known as @africashowboy, has been telling us very personal stories about his adorable family for the past decade, and places across the continent that have become home. “Elmina” is a personal project, work-in-progress, through which he tries to find his roots. Emmanuel Bobbie shows us another view of our landscapes and cultures, always giving us an optimistic perspective to our not too impressive state of national affairs. Nyani Quarmyne is frequently sharing with us stories far from our own shores and sometimes chastising some of us on how we are destroying our wild life by our uncontrolled killing of game, popularly termed bush meat. We also look at the stunning images of George Alhassan, his commissioned work he produced for the Information Services Department in the 1970s and 80s.

Nuku Photo Festival Ghana curated “Daily Graphic” to show us images of everyday life in Ghana, from the continent, and beyond. Images that are carefully made and ‘graphic’ enough to make the viewer pause in this constant deluge of photographs.

The exhibition was organised by photographers Francis Kokoroko and Eric Gyamfi, Nuku Studio 2018.